Dental Implants

April 24 2020

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are like a new root of a tooth, made of titanium, that your dentist will fit natural looking crowns on top of

How will dental implants benefit me?

Tooth implants can restore the natural appearance of your smile to give you back confidence. They also provide a strong, permanent solution so that you can eat and chew with confidence, even on steak! No more slipping dentures! No more gaps!

Why is it important to replace missing teeth?

Gaps between teeth can provide a space that traps food and starts the spread of gum disease which can lead to the loss of other teeth and bad breath.

Can anyone get dental implants?

Adults of any age can benefit from dental implants. We will need to check-over the health of your mouth and gums before we start therapy.

Are dental implants painful?

Your dentist will make your gums numb using local anaesthetic, just like having a filling done! You should experience minimal discomfort during the procedure.

Are implants worth the money?

Implants are precision engineered, made of high-strength titanium and provide far better strength, stability, lifespan and appearance than the alternatives. You can spread the cost over time with our 0% finance (t&cs apply, of course) and when you consider the cost over ten or twenty years of not having to worry about slipping dentures, or a bridge that can break, the price is well worth it.

How do I get started?

Call in on 01375 373 40 %format as phone call hyperlink% for a free consultation with our Implant specialist Dr. Malde

Case studies

Mrs J had a sticky bridge replacing her missing upper central incisor that kept falling out and didn’t look right after having the tooth removed. She opted for a dental implant and new crowns and now smiles broader than ever.

Mr T felt embarrassed at social dinners with his American friends who had a full set of perfect teeth. Being Brazilian, he wanted to be able to enjoy his steak dinners. He opted for dental implants to replace missing first lower molars. He can now eat confidently and enjoys his social outings a lot more. He has even packed on a couple of pounds since having the dental implants.

Mrs C had been missing some teeth for while and was now ready to have them replaced to improve her overall smile and eat more comfortably. 2 implants with all ceramic crowns were placed. These filled the gaps and gave a very natural appearance that Mrs C is very happy with.

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